The Legendary Strength Team

Founder, Director of Performance

Steve McCarthy

"My passion is not to just be in the fitness and sports performance industry, but to be a leader in this industry."

Born in Newport Beach, Steve was an extremely active athlete from an early age, competing in BMX, Motocross, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Football, Track and weightlifting. With his passion and personal athletic successes, he always knew that he wanted to build a career in human performance, and set on a path straight out of high school to do so. Steve became an entrepreneur while earning his degree in Kinesiology, opening a personal training studio at the age of 21. Since then, Steve has been a successful and nationally acclaimed gym owner in several states. He came back to Southern California with a dream to open the best gym facility in the West Coast. Brandon and Steve met in 2018, and a great partnership formed shortly thereafter. And thus, Legendary Strength Co was born.

Steve McCarthy is a highly sought after Strength and Conditioning Coach because of his remarkable abilities to increase strength, power, speed, flexibility, and sport specific endurance. Combined with his attention to detail, genuine care and constant commitment to the health and well-being of every client, it's no wonder that Steve has a high retention rate. His versatility and expertise spans across every level and age of athlete--from youths, to the everyday individual, to NFL players, UFC Fighters, Pro Boxing, and Olympian Athletes. With more than 20 years of experience, hard work, and dedication; he is proud to helm a training system uniquely designed to address every one of your specific needs. Whether it be post surgery rehabilitation or hardcore workouts, you will maximize strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and overall explosiveness to enhance every aspect of your human performance.

Strength Coach

Joey Moralez

"I want to show everyone, young and old, that they can rise to their true potential."

Joey Moralez is a Northern California native with a competitive sports background in basketball, baseball, and soccer. During most of his sports career he considered himself a well skilled player but lacked a lot of natural athletic characters that some of his peers possessed. In high school he decided to put matters into his own hands and implement performance training to increase athletic characters. After seeing how much it improved his ability and confidence on the playing field he knew he wanted to pursue a career in human performance. You may have heard the saying “you can’t teach athleticism” which is completely false. It is true that everyone has a different level of potential ability and some are more naturally gifted than others, but if you train with proper intent and technique everyone has the chance to see what they are truly capable of. Joey’s mission is to show anyone from children, general population, to high level athletes that they can rise to their true potential. Since joining the team at Legendary and learning under Steve, Joey has been able to hone in on his skills as a coach to help clients improve all fitness and performance characters with our philosophy and training methods.
Strength Coach

Joey Cambaliza

"I'm the original Joey. The one with bigger arms."

Joey was born and raised in Palmdale California. He moved to Mission Viejo in 2012 and has been serving the fitness and health community as a coach for the past 7 years in Orange County. He has maintained his NESTA certification for that time span and continues to further his education under the roof here at Legendary Strength Co led by director of performance Steve McCarthy.

Since the age of 5 Joey played football and baseball until his sophomore year in high school, where he parted ways with baseball and chose to give his all to football. He continued his football career at Saddleback college but it was cut short due to a career ending neck injury. Within the dark of that Joey found light in becoming a Personal trainer and he hasn’t looked back since. Joey has a deep passion for delivering results for his clients but also making them a better version of themselves whether it’s on the gym floor or within their daily lives. He believes that his clients make him a better coach and he strives do whatever it takes to bring them their success.

Physical Therapist / Strength Coach

Dr. David Waltman, DPT, PES

"Winners don’t just learn the fundamentals, they master them."

David is a physical therapist and strength & conditioning coach. He received his Bachelor of Exercise Physiology degree from CSU Chico in 2011, and Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Sacramento State University in 2016. David has worked in sports physical therapy for the past six years, and started his own mobile physical therapy company in 2020 during the pandemic. He specializes in orthopedic/sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation. David has worked with people of all ages and ability levels, including youth athletes, 90-year-old great grandparents, weekend warriors, high school athletes, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes. David’s goal is to help others do the things they love for as long as possible.

David also has personal experience rehabilitating from injuries in high school and collegiate sports, ranging from ankle sprains, sprained MCL, hamstring strains, and a torn shoulder labrum. His first-hand experience, clinical expertise, and application of current research allows for the most optimal recovery process for his patients.

David is a firm believer in the importance of an intelligent rehab and training program, consistent hard work, and discipline for the best results in daily life and in sports.

“Winners don’t just learn the fundamentals, they master them.” - Michael Jordan

Founder, Entrepreneur

Brandon Hahr

Legendary Strength represents my dedication to helping youth athletes reach new heights and enable people like me to train for a lifetime.

Our brand new facility

Building a physical culture

We designed Legendary Strength Co to give everyone access to the same athletic strength and conditioning experience as the best athletes in the world have.

Post-college I had a bad motorcycle accident leaving me with a broken neck and with lots of pain. I tried every fitness option out there, but I couldn’t connect with the all-cardio-focused workouts, CrossFit or the big global gym community. I was seeking the camaraderie, the high-energy training style, with higher detail and (most importantly) the results I used to have.

We are not a fad, fluff, catchy phrases type of Gym. We are true to what the human body was designed for. And that is to move pain-free and being resilient in any activities/sports.


When you train at Legendary Strength Co, you tap into world-class strength training Science in an atmosphere that pushes you harder than you would on your own.

The gym is an inspiring place to train, with elite equipment and world class coaches that enhances your experience, and space where you can also relax and refuel.

Here, you’re part of a motivated community of ambitious professionals who are serious about what they do, and how they do it. With high detail. The space accommodates whatever level of passion and fitness level you bring to each workout.

• 7,000 of training space
• Lockers and shower
• 90′ black padded turf
• Best-in-class brands equipment like Sorinex
• Members’ lounge
• Roll-up garage door
• High speed internet
• Software to measure all your hard work.


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